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Welcome at the homepage of EVP bY Henk S and SIMBA

Welcome on the website about the electronic voice phenomena, my name is henk and i live in the netherlands, ten years ago i have started with recordings and experiments about the electronic voice phenomena from a near friend ive got some books and i read a lot about the EVP, The first time that i have tried to record some voices and really hear one voice im scared because the voice has answerd my question that i have ask them, at that moment i used the radio method, i used also a tape recorder and a mic and a simple radio as the "source" i tuned the radio on a foreign channel it was not a dutch channel, i also used some "rumble" signals where i have also heard some voices at, after that, i have recorded some questions.



At this time i use a normal personal computer with the software of Cooledit   Voyetra these programs can "edit" the recording like "cut" some things out or filter somethings out, the recordings are five minutes long en when you listen you must have a lot of patience to hear the voices, it cost also a lot of time :) i have heard clearly voices from man and woman's who gave me clear answers about the questions that i have asked them, some of the voices call me by my real name! 

in the first time i do not believe that i can be happen but now i know really for sure that it happens and that the EVP phenomena really exists

This site is created for for u to learn, read and use all kind of things about the EVP phenomena

Have a lot of Watch and "listening" pleasure , 

There comes a lot of more information !!!

 This site is always under construction! 


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